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Tyre Smart is the best Car Washing shop in HSR layout, Bangalore. We provide Car Washing, Car Detailing, bike washing, Opti-coat service, Car paint protection, Car rubbing and waxing, Headlight restoration, Car Glass polishing, A/C Treatment , Car upholstery cleaning service & underbody coating. We have best professionals who take care of your cars & bikes.


We are amongst the leading firm in the industry, executing well-planned and authentic Car Washing Service in HSR Layout. Our services are well-organized and systematic in nature.

We ensure that the entire washing is done in a perfect manner and are planned as per the client’s preferences. Our Car Washing Services are customized as per specifications and ensures complete satisfaction and Timely execution

Car Washing


Car Detailing

To meet the rising demands of our clients, we offer Car Detailing Services that is known for its vacuuming, sanitization, leather treatment, and polishing. Owing to an efficient stain removal from Carpet, Seats, Gear Knob And Boot Area, our interior services are widely considered among the client-base we have accomplished to gain so far.

In addition to this, the interior detailing services offered by us are widely appreciated in the market.


Your Bike needs regular care and cleaning to maintain its good looks all time and at Tyre Smart we always keep high effort so that you will surely experience pride and satisfaction knowing your motorcycle not only looks good, but has been regularly checked during the cleaning process.

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your bike looking good. It gives you the satisfaction of having a good looking motorcycle to use next time you go for a ride




Opti-Coat (Opti-Guard) is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts.

It provides permanent protection for all factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.O pti-Coat is effectively the vehicles new outer clear coat. It is far more resistant to chemical etching than factory clear coats and far more resistant than competing paint protection sealants.

Car Paint Protection

Its is a revolutionary nano tehnology based system that cleans paint , repair mirror scratches , enhances the paint & give it a protective coating . And gives your car a gloss level of about 99%- you can see your own reflection in the paint.

It also acts as another shield by providing more protection to the paint and therefore increasing the vehicle’s lifespan.

Paint Portection

Car Rubbing and Waxing

Car Rubbing and Waxing

It removes a fine layer of your car's paint to rid it of scratches and other imperfections. It is recommended for use to remove scratches and oxidized coating from all types of automotive paint finish.

The compound abrasives the surface smooth and peel free and makes it suitable for polishing. The rubbing compound will be abrasive enough to remove the damaged layer of paint and reveal the original color beneath.

Headlihght restoration

"Restore your Discoloured Headlights".You can have your existing headlights looking new for less! Headlights with an aged, cloudy, or hazy look are becoming increasingly common, as the average age of all cars on the road continues to rise.

Headlight restoration from Tyre Smart will give your car a look as new as the day you purchased it. Clear headlights prevents accidental incidents. So don't compromise your safety any longer. Our headlight restoration service is the only solution for foggy, discolored headlights. Give us a chance to restore your car's headlights before you attempt costly replacement.

Headlihght restoration

Glass polishing service

Glass polishing service

This is for cleansing and protection of windshield of cars. With this treatment, hard water marks and oxidation are removed and a fine protective layer is formed to provide clear vision to drive during night as well as during rainy season. This enhances the safety & drive-ability. Dramatically improves all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort.

Exppress Car Wash water repellent creates a super-slick, non stick coating which causes rain or water to bead up for an aerodynamic run off

A/C Treatment

This protection is designed to disinfect the Air conditioner ducts and to improve air quality: Cleans the Air conditioner coils and ducts, Disinfects the ducts and helps to stop buildup of mould

It also Removes all bad and foul odors from the ducts, Improves in-car air quality for the well being of driver and passengers

A/C Treatment

Car Care Products

Car Accessories

Tyresmart offers genuine Car accessories for your vehicles. Our shops located at HSR Layout have a wide selection and some of the best quality car accessories

We have a team of experienced, well equipped & company trained staff across all functions to ensure a delightful customer experience. The workforce at Tyresmart is committed to excellence in serving all esteemed customers.

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Our Car Upholstery Cleaning Services are highly reliable and are provide using advanced technology. We ensure best servicing at every corner of the car to maintain their new look and enhance their shelf life.

All our services are highly reliable, secure.

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Underbody coating

Underbody coating

At Tyre smart Express Car Washing we offer you under body coating. We care for your automobile and we advise you to take good care of it. India’s climate is such that corrosion is bound to happen and therefore it is better to keep your car coated to avoid rusting.