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A tyre is a ring-shaped component that surrounds a wheel rim to transfer the vehicle's load from the axle through the wheel to the ground and provide traction on the surface over which the place wheel Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car as they connect it to the road and support the weight of the vehicle travels.

Apollo tyres dealers in Bangalore

We provide Apollo tyres in Bangalore.we are the best Apollo tyredealers in Bangalore we are involved in undertaking tyre services owing to our specialization efficiency and commitment towards the quality services are widely appreciated by our valuable customers. Further, these services are executed by our professionals as per the client's demands and requirements there are many different parts that go into the making of tyre that plays an important role in a vehicle performs best and keeps vehicle owners safe. The parts of a tyre include the following things.

  • Beads :-It is made from a high strength steel coated in rubber that creates an airtight seal between the tyre and the rim of the wheel
  • Belt:- It is made of woven sheets of steel wires that are coated in rubber and it is placed around the tyre to reinforce strength and provide rigidity
  • ply:- It is made of fiber cord that is woven together and coated with rubber the layers of fabric that makeup tyre's skeleton that gives the tyre strength
  • Sidewall:- It is extra thick rubber that runs from the bead to the tread and gives the tyre stability in this we can find all the manufactures information about the tyre
  • Sipe and groove:- The tread blocks that are separated by the deep grooves that allow the tyre to disperse water and mud
  • Shoulder:- Its design and construction play an important role in how tyre helps to take corners.
  • Tread:- This is the area of the tyre where the rubber meets the road

Apollo tyre dealers in Bangalore offer services that are quick efficient and most importantly reliable we consider client satisfaction as our main priority these services are provided by our highly qualified and diligent professionals, who have in-depth knowledge and immense experience of this industry circle. Good quality tyres have the proper grip on the road that makes the acceleration, turning, and braking much easier, giving you the advantage to have total control over your vehicle. There are different types of tyres are available in the market so we can get the best of performance and efficiency for vehicles the different types of tyres are listed below.

  • RadialTyres:- These tyres have even pressure distribution soil penetration also very less in this type of tyres and it has good stability puncture resistance and provides the vehicle users with high fuel mileage.
  • TubelessTyres:- It does not have an inner tube it is integrated with an inner liner airtight seal between the tyre and rim keeps the air from leaking although this type of tyres is costly Since the inner tube is not there, no friction resulting in longer tyre life.
  • All-Terrain Tyres:- These tyres are designed for vehicles that operate both on and off the road. They have excellent traction on snow, mud, water and work fine on road also. All these attributes make it the right choice for trucks
  • Performance Tyres:- This type of tyres is used in sports cars, with excellent performance at high speed, good dry and wet traction, and top-notch durability. In freezing zones, performance tyres tend to slip So it is avoided in snow.
  • SUV tyres:- These tyres give the vehicle a style boost, sophisticated comfort, and all-season all-road traction. They basically work just fine with all type of weather conditions. Be it snow, wet condition, dry hot road, mud, sand
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